Warning Brand CBD was eagerly launched in 2020 with clear intentions and earnest ambitions in a quest to produce and distribute the absolute best quality CBD products through innovative procurement and development means and an uncompromising commitment to service. We literally go out of our way, scouring the globe digitally and physically in relentless pursuit of the purest, richest, most aromatic, most enjoyable, and above all, most effective CBD hemp flower for your consumption. Our procurement team engages only with the most experienced cultivators and manufacturers who are subject to our rigorous and comprehensive standards of quality and perfection so that we only deliver the best. We don’t deliver bush quality game; we only offer trophy quality premium to the most discerning connoisseurs.

Even as we experience exponential growth and an increasingly expansive customer base, we continue to set the platinum standard for manufacturing, testing, and quality. Our product development team is uncompromising in their commitment to providing only the highest quality goods, implementing the latest technology and methodology to source and produce the amazing CBD products we offer all while maintaining strict quality controls. While we pride ourselves in our primary commitment to our customers and the Warning Brand family, we also maintain a strict dedication to responsible environmental practices and consciousness. We consistently prioritize the utilization of regenerative organic farming, recyclable materials, and sustainable processes. We also implement giveback initiatives and other charitable contributions to give back to the communities that support us.  

Yours Truly,

Warning Brand Team