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Why is combed cotton better than regular cotton?

Cotton is a soft, fluffy, highly absorbent, and lightweight staple fiber that grows encased around the seeds of the plant. To make breathable cotton clothing, the fiber is spun into yarn or thread. There are over 50 species of the Cotton plant, all used varyingly. The softest, most lovable kind is combed cotton. It is the superior version of regular cotton. Normal cotton can be harsh on the skin and less soft. Since the yarn can have impurities, it is also less durable.

The process of making regular cotton is fairly simple compared to combed cotton. Cotton is first harvested, cleaned, and deseeded. It is directly spun into thread after this. However, combed cotton requires precise extra measures and has additional procedures to ensure the softest cotton. The process of combing cotton usually removes up to 15% of the original material. The fibers undergo an extra step to provide a luxurious fabric that is typically more expensive.

How is combed cotton produced?

-After the cotton is harvested and cleaned, it is carded. This is a lengthy procedure that separates individual fibers and runs them in the same direction for smoothness.

-Aligned fibers are separated into slivers (long bundles).

-Fine brushes or combs are used to remove impurities and other short, prickly fibers.

-The remaining straight fibers are aligned and spun into yarn.

-The result is ultra-smooth, pure and highly durable combed cotton.

What makes combed cotton special?

-Combed cotton is highly durable, stronger, and more desirable than regular cotton. It can withstand years of washing and drying. Since the short fibers are removed, the longer threads are spun together to make a tighter thread that is not prone to breakage.

-It is sweat-absorbent and a natural odor neutralizer. It pulls cold moisture away from your body and allows breathability. Cotton is the go-to summer wear across the world.

-It is soft and smooth, making it perfect for blending with other materials like polyester.

-It is perfect for both adults and kids. Since the combing process removes impurities, it is perfect for the skin and not at all harsh or rough.

-It does not fray or come apart easily in the washing machine. It is highly durable.

Caring for combed cotton.

With a little extra care, it can last for decades because of its superior quality. It is very easy to maintain. Use lukewarm or cold water and avoid harsh detergents. Use gentle fabric softeners and do not wring them. Tumble dry on low. Even if wrinkles appear, you can easily iron them out. These silk-like fine yarns are made with care and modern technology to ensure you receive the best products.

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