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Are you tired of your existing wardrobe and want to refresh it with cutting edge fashion? That is precisely what streetwear clothing consists of.

Every renowned musician, skater, and pop culture lover is frequently spotted wearing clothing that defies convention. They not only look good but also stand out in a crowd. From oversized tees to trendy sneakers – it’s all a part of streetwear!


If you’re searching for a dictionary definition, it’s pretty simple: streetwear is informal but trendy clothing. Due to the sheer increased demand, it has now grown into a billion-dollar business aimed at those under the age of 30. The core of streetwear is the marketing, manufacturing, and sale of these casual apparel items.

We cannot simplify what actually counts as streetwear because numerous contributing variables are at work. From K-Pop to Hip-Hop to the skateboarding culture, all of them are said to be the stirring elements that create such great fashion.

You might have come across a long sneaker queue now and then and must have wondered – what is so special about these shoes? Well, it’s more complex than it seems; the demand is not only for the shoes but the culture they represent.


Streetwear first appeared in the late 1980s and has since swept the world by storm. This type of clothing may be traced back to the city of California, where skaters would dress up in unconventional ways, pushing mainstream clothing boundaries.

Soon after seeing the trend and unique attire style emerge, MTV joined the space and made
it more visible to the rest of the globe.

Another integral part that influenced this culture was the hip-hop styling situation in the ’80s and ’90s. Sneakers have long been an essential part of streetwear, having evolved from basketball and hip-hop, two primarily black cultures.
When famous hip-hop musicians like Biggie and Jay-Z joined the market and Michael Jordan selling related footwear, this chilled-out sport-inspired clothing style gained instant success.

Some of the crucial figures in the cultural influence of this style were James Jebbia, creator of famous brand ‘supreme,’ Shawn Stussy, creator of the surf brand ‘Stussy,’ and Dapper Dan, who was known to create special streetwear items for several influential people.


Streetwear doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go out of the way and purchase expensive clothing items or sneakers; it is more about representing your style. It will work even if you wear items purchased from thrift shops as long as they depict your style.

As streetwear is very distinctive and heavily influenced by personal style, locality, and economic level, there is no correct or incorrect way to go on about it. Always remember, the essence of streetwear is merging comfort with your inimitable style.


We hope this concise yet to-the-point intro to the nitty-gritties of streetwear has piqued your interest, including how it works, where it originated from, and what qualifies as streetwear.

Happy experimenting!!! Now go visit our store for some luxury street artist inspired clothing. 🙂

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