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Almost everyone is aware that smoking marijuana is the most common way to consume it. Marijuana has beautifully vivid flowers, complex and varied tastes and aromas, and a vast range of health and wellness benefits. Perhaps the most well-known effect of smoking marijuana is that it gets you high. But not everyone who uses marijuana to get high, and many people long to use the product for its medicinal benefits but cannot because of legal or employment implications. Since CBD contains negligible amounts of THC, what does smoking CBD flower feel like?

CBD can affect each person differently, just as with any substance introduced to the body. The effects also vary between doses and strains of CBD. The most notable difference between smoking CBD flower and THC buds is that smoking CBD does not get you high. It does not impart any mental haze, impairment of thinking or judgement, or otherwise interfere with your normal cognitive capabilities. CBD is often described as giving a “body high” with its effects being felt predominantly physically. Depending on the strain, it can produce a calming, more focused, and often energized feeling throughout your body.

While CBD Flower affects the body and mind differently than THC, it does offer much of the same taste, smell, mouthfeel, and sensation. Due to the wide variety of terpenes and other compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD flower can exhibit many of the most common sensory signals that are characteristically associated with the plant. It still retains its pleasant range of odors and flavors.

The effects of CBD are typically felt for a few hours, and the compound remains in your system for up to a few days. Smoking CBD typically does not induce any undue hunger or extreme “cottonmouth”. Excessive use may produce drowsiness and deep relaxation bordering on sedation. Of course, this is all subjective based on a variety of personal factors including dosage, personal tolerance, and frequency of use. If you have ever smoked marijuana, CBD flower is similar to THC but unique in the effects that it produces.

The experience is pleasant and enjoyable, with mild feelings and none of the intoxication that other smoked compounds may produce. This product is only gaining in popularity, so you’re sure to find a variety that is perfect for your needs.

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